Teachers affect eternity; we can never tell where our influence stops (adapted from Henry B Adams)

About This SIte

For several years already (this is NOT new), it has been generally accepted that; “Traditional educational practices no longer provide prospective teachers with all the necessary skills for teaching students to survive economically in today’s workplace.” (ICT Competency Standards for Teachers– UNESCO 2008).

The purpose of this Blog is to explore and discuss the implications of technology on the World, and specifically; Education.

It is my hope that by sharing my thoughts, others will be stimulated to enter in to the discussion - with the end goal of ensuring that students are able to develop a skill set that is relevant in the 21st century.



About Steven McLean

BlogProfilePrior to commencing my career in Education, I worked in several industries including Banking, and 2 years as an Engineering Laboratory Technician. After working in these areas, I was drawn to a career in Education; specifically Science Education.

As a Teacher, I have fullfilled roles as a Classroom Teacher, a Middle Manager - Head of Faculty (Science) and a Senior Manager - Dean of an area of responsibility. I have also held positions within Australia and the United Kingdom and within both Government and Independant Education Sectors.

For more than 15 years, I have had a particular passion for how technology can be used to enhance learning experiences for students. However, for some time now, I have acknowledge that if my students are to be well prepared for life beyond school, then I must embrace technology to provide them with the best learning opportunities possible - this is not posible without technology.

Professional Experience

  • Host of 2014 Google Apps for Education Summit - Queensland.
  • Presenter at IWBnet "Leading Digital Schools" Conference - Melbourne 2013.
  • Host of 2013 Google Apps for Education Summit - Brisbane.
  • Presenter at 2013 Google Apps for Education Summit - Brisbane.
  • Presenter at IWBnet "Leading Digital Schools" Conference - Melbourne 2011.
  • Presenter at CSA Principals Conference - Sunshine Coast 2011.
  • Presenter at Blackboard Summit - Brisbane 2009.
  • Delegate at Apple Education Summit - Singapore 2011.
  • Delegate at Technology in K-12 Education National Congress - Sydney 2012.
  • Leading the planning and introduction of a 1 to 1 Learning Program to over 800 students and 80 Teaching staff - 2010 to present.
  • Chairperson of the Whole College ICT advisory committee - 2007 to present.
  • Leading the introduction of Google Apps in Education into classrooms - 2012 to present.
  • Start-up programs in new schools and implementation of new programs in existing schools - 1998 to present
  • I have international experience having worked in a Technology College in the United Kingdom - 2001 to 2003

Other Experience

I am dedicated to an organic and sustainable lifestyle. I believe that life is often far too complicated and overly materialistic and try to practice:

"Look after family, friends and community. Want quality, not quantity. Let quality not be measured by a label. Give back to the earth more than you take."

Some details of this can be found at my website iCultivate or my Youtube Channel.

In addition to an organic and sustainable lifestyle, I operate a small technology business called Kesamo. At Kesamo, we offer many services focussed on empowering people and small businesses on the internet through well constructed websites, Website Hosting and carefully integrated Social Networking.